You’ll love our courses and your clients will love their results.

Ethical enhancements, not extreme makeovers

Training, support, and ethical practices to enrich the lives of medical aesthetic professionals and their clients.

About Cerilean Medical Courses



Our Blended Learning courses have one of the highest levels of hands-on training hours in the industry. Professionals choose Cerilean Medical to feel confident in their skills and provide clients with beautiful, lasting results. Read our course descriptions to learn all about our online and in-person classes.

Have a large group ready to train? Contact us for our on-location training options!

Why professionals choose our classes

  • Professional approach that seeks to enhance, not change
  • Custom designed and functional online learning platform from EHanlis
  • 14 hours hands-on (with practice ‘dummy’ models and live models), more than the industry average
  • 6 weekend ‘Skills Checks’ throughout the year
  • Hands-on courses offered throughout Alberta and BC for groups of 6 or more (email me for details).
  • The tools you need to start a successful business


Our courses, designed by the recognized eLearning specialist EHanlis (, provides insights about products, the principles of beauty and aging and best practices.

Neurotoxin Training


Learn about what products are used in Canada and how they work. This will help you to make professional decisions on which product to use for your clients. Next, learn the practical aspects from proper dilution techniques to deposit points around the face and how desired results can be accomplished safely and effectively.

Dermal Filler Training

Dermal fillers

Similar to the Neurotoxin course, you will begin learning about the products used and how they work in different treatment areas. Then, the different parts of the face will be examined, as well as considerations and precautions when treating them. Finally, learn about common adverse effects, their causes, what actions to take and how to prevent them.




If you are located outside of a major center and have a group of 6 or more people, we will come to you! Contact us for more details.