A Cup of Hot Chocolate or Botox®…whatever

Welcome to my new blog. I will be talking about medical cosmetic products and practices that affect our ever expanding search for that which we feel will make us beautiful. And, because I’m a renaissance kind of a girl, I’ll throw in a little philosophy. That is; I’m a red wine and chocolate kind of renaissance girl, not a wholegrain biscuit and carrot juice kind. So, if you’re looking for holistic ways to achieve outer beauty. You’ll need to look elsewhere.

Alright, onto the good stuff. I’m starting with a chat about Botox®. This wonder drug from Allergan has been around since 1989. Allergan bought the company that had been using the product for treating crossed eyes and eye spasms. In 2002, it was approved for treating frown lines. Next year, those of us with smooth foreheads and serene expression will l sing “Happy 10th Birthday”. This is an amazing for so young a medication.

“What? Sing to a poisonous bacteria running about our forehead like a bad science fiction movie?”, some will say. No. First of all, Botox® is not clostridium botulinum bacteria. It is a purified protein of Botulinium Toxin Type A. Secondly, it is one of the most widely researched medications in the world. As it is so young, and so promising, new and exciting methods of use are constantly being pursued. When administered properly, it’ll erase that annoying number 11 between your eyes. It’ll smooth out the waves on your forehead. (Right men, when you want to show off your washboard, you want them looking at your ab’s not your forehead) It’ll soften the crow’s feet. Arch your brows. Get rid of the pursing lines around your mouth, if you don’t want fillers. (Another topic.) Help with sweaty foreheads, pits and hands.

It’s a bit of a miracle to have 10 years knocked off with a 10 minute treatment. Keep it up with a 3 to 4 month schedule and look at your old pictures, you’ll think that you‘re looking at your mother. In the right hands, all this can be yours. “In the right hands” – that’s the key. In the wrong hands you can look like a mannequin or Quasimodo. I wish I could give great advice on finding someone who has the right hands. There is a definite art to injecting well. And there are many poor injectors out there. The good thing about Botox® is that it’s effects don’t last. Though it can seem like an eternity while it’s coming out. Find a reputable medical office that does this treatment on a regular basis. Look at the staff. Chances are, they have been injected in that office. Ask them. If you like what you see, you’ll probably be happy.

Alright, gotta go and here are my last thoughts. I have been using Botox® for 12 years (For those adding on their fingers right now, the office I worked in used it “off label” on the staff while we trying to decide if there was a market for Botox® – LOL) I have loved the results from day one. I have never had a bad reaction. I can certainly say that I have never found an eye cream or moisturizer that has equaled the results I get.

I give Botox® a rating of Dark Chocolate .