Why So Serious? Botox® and the Mask

I like feedback. I mean, I really, really like feedback. Last week, I talked about Botox®. I was told that I glossed over the frozen faces and “Mr. Spock “ eyebrows that make some treated with Botox® feel like they should be heading for a Sci- Fi convention. I was talking about the product Botox® and not the injectors of Botox®. A mask-like face and mountain peak eyebrows are due to poor technique in administration.
So, let’s talk. Without getting all “blame the victim” here, sometimes, poor results are the fault of the person themselves. When you walk into an office, point to your permanent scowl and say, “I don’t want to be able to move it”. Or you pull your eyebrows into your hairline and say, “I want my eyes to look like this”. You may get exactly what you’re asking for, but not what you wanted. There really are people out there who want the frozen look. Who want their eyebrows way up and hidden behind bangs. If you have a literal injector, that’s what you’ll get. Now, I happen to think that a good injector will let you know the implications of what you are asking. An excellent injector will not do it at all. An excellent injector will enhance your natural beauty and not turn you into a caricature of a human being.
There are techniques that your excellent injector should know that will soften your scowl and eventually eliminate it. It may take more than one treatment but you will always look natural as your wrinkles smooth away. You will be able to show your full range of expressions. Similarly, your injector can achieve a natural curve to your eyebrows and smoothing of your crow’s feet. Again, you should look like an enhanced you, not a perpetual halloween devotee.
I gave Botox® a rating of Dark Chocolate last week and I still do. In the right hands it is an excellent product.
One more thing, some have said “I won’t inject anything into my body, that has “Tox” (for toxin) in the name.” Taking this as a cue, the new kid in town has named their product “Dysport®”. It is also an abobotuliniumtoxin product and works in the same way as Botox®. It has FDA approval for treatment of wrinkles. Those who have used it, have said it is superior to Botox® for treating the forehead, if properly diluted. Brought to us by Medicis, the same guys who introduced Restylane® to the world, it should give Botox® a run. And hopefully, introduce healthy competition into a long monopolized market.
This last bit is about the blog itself. Skip it if you’re ADD. I love comments. I would prefer, though that you left them in blog rather than emailing me. That way, I can answer a bunch at once. Please look at the quiz in the top right. It’s just fun and won’t send you anywhere into deep internet space. Next week, I will chat with you about lasers and sun damage. Until then.
I give Dysport a rating of:  Semi-Sweet Chocolate